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Fully Documented Quality Control Procedures for Our Clients Worldwide

Quality control procedures are fully documented and available for client inspection. Also available is certification of construction methods in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code, pressure vessels and for activities in compliance with the Alberta Safety Codes Act and the following referenced standards:

  • Performance qualification testing of pressure welders
  • Construction of small pressure vessels & pressure fittings
  • Construction, repair & alteration of pressure piping to ASME B31.3
  • Repair & alteration of existing pressure vessels

It has been a long-standing principle at BWS FABRICATION INC that deficiencies observed in third party supplied work or materials will be flagged and rectified – subject to the appropriate client authorization and whether or not they are necessarily within the bounds of the contract. Contact us for more information. You can also view our certifications within our vendor capability brochure.

Quality Control Program Summary

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manual: (Yes)


  • Quality Control Manual for construction activities in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code: Section Vlll, Div 1; Pressure Vessels 2007


  • Is the Inspector/QA Group independent of the organization that is responsible for performing the activity? (Yes)

Design Control:

  • Is the adequacy of the design checked? (Yes)
  • Are design requirements correctly translated into specifications, drawings, procedures and instructions? (Yes)

Procurement Document Control:

  • Is the adequacy of the design checked? (Yes)
  • Are the applicable requirements and design bases included in the procurement drawings? (Yes)

Instruction, Procedure & Drawings:

  • Do procedures and instructions include acceptance criteria? (Yes)

Document Control:

  • Are obsolete documents controlled? (Yes)

Control of Purchased Material, Equipment & Services:

  • Is purchased material checked for conformance to procurement documents? (Yes)

Identification and Control of Material, Part & Services:

  • Is identification controlled throughout fabrication? (Yes)

Control of Special Processes:

  • Are qualified procedures available for special processes? (Yes)


  • Is inspection performed by individuals other than the ones doing the actual work? (Yes)

ABSA & Third Party Test Control:

  • Do test procedures define and establish the acceptance criteria? (Yes)

Quality Assurance Program:

  • Is there control over activities affecting quality? (Yes)

Control of Measuring Equipment:

  • Is calibration performed to written procedure? (Yes)
  • Are specified periods of calibration documented? (Yes)

Handling Storage & Shipping:

  • Are procedures available for handling, storage and shipping? (Yes)

Inspection, Test & Operating Status:

  • Are inspection and test results monitored as fabrication is being performed? (Yes)

Non-conforming Materials, Parts or Components:

  • Is re-inspection performed on repaired or reworked items? (Yes)

Corrective Action:

  • Are causes of significant conditions identified and, are actions to preclude repetition promptly implemented, documented and reported to management? (Yes)

Quality Assurance Records:

  • Is there a procedure that identifies what records are to be maintained? (Yes)


  • Are periodic audits required to verify compliance of the QA Program? (Yes)
  • Are results reviewed by the management? (Yes)
  • Are re-audits performed to ensure corrective action? (Yes)
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